Joey - The Functional Edition

Joey is a qualified Functional Nutrition Consultant with the International Institute for Complementary Therapists (IICT). She has undertaken The Nutrition Academy of Australia's Functional and Applied Functional Nutrition Courses, amongst other continued professional development courses.

This is Joey's story in her words....

I grew up in Australia, so my love of delicious food and the outdoors has been with me from a young age. However after working in the commercial property industry in London for over 15 years, having two children, then COVID hit the world, and we suffered a huge family tragedy; I came out of the whole thing feeling exhausted, stressed, out of shape and not myself at all. I knew this was not going to be solved by a fad diet or quick fix. So post-lockdown I decided it was time for change, and I found a longevity studio in Wimbledon where I started learning about biohacking, and things started to make sense again. 

I began listening to my body, going back to basics, making small incremental changes to improve my daily habits that would still fit in with my life, showing up consistently for myself and it quickly became my passion when I started seeing the amazing results for myself, and my family. My own transformation from being weak to being strong, from having bad skin to glowing skin, from being exhausted to having boundless energy, from being depressed to being full of positivity, made me realise that I wanted to share this concept with people and help them meet their optimal, so I retained in functional nutrition, and The Functional Edition was born!

What is 'Functional'?

So what is functional living and functional nutrition?  Well, it is all about finding your optimal, and not just related to food. Functional living includes lifestyle choices at its core, such as movement, hydration, sleep patters, stress level, hormone balance and everything that contributes to our health and wellbeing. 

Here at The Functional Edition our philosophy is a vitalistic approach which doesn't exclude any food groups but seeks to nourish our bodies (and minds!) with a high quality, whole food diet, sunlight, movement and lots more!

We also believe in a balanced life, there has to be parties and times when we indulge in treats, this is one of the many joys of life and to be truly functional we need to find that balance, as over-restriction does not lead to happiness. 

Why Me?

The Functional Edition has a very unique appeal, I don't just focus on diet or exercise or even just one thing, I look at your entire lifestyle to help you make positive changes that will last a lifetime. I will do this incrementally with you so we ensure the results last. My approach is collaborative, supportive and sustainable. I want to see you achieve your goals, and stick to them. I am are here to support you every step of the way, no matter what your aims are.

I hope you enjoy browsing the website and we'd love to work with you, so please do get in touch! We can chat all things health optimisation, longevity and functional living!